1.1 BE SILLY LDA NIF 505 490 889 holds the license of brand Bennie Kids available through the site www.bennie.pt their products

1.2 BE SILLY LDA can not proceed the receipt orders from customers who are not in accordance with the terms of sale.

1.3 There general terms and conditions of sale are only exclusively regulate the offer, transmition and acceptance of orders placed in besillykids.com with customers from online store BE SILLY LDA.

1.4 The customer should provide to Bennie an email or contact number or other correct complete contact detail in case of BE SILLY LDA judge necessary.


2.1 To order in besillykids.com is required the user to have an email account and that your browser is set to accept cookies and pop-ups, to allow the enjoyment of all the online shop conditions.
 Placing an order is easy:

  1. Find the products you would like to buy;
  2. Add selected products to the cart;
  3. Choose the colour, size and quantity;
  4. Complete the purchase;
  5. Select the payment method;
  6. Review your order;
  7. Proceed to the payment and confirm the order;
  8. You will receive an order confirmation by email.

We reserve the law to not accept your order or cancel it even after the automatic confirmation. By submitting the order from you agree with the condition of purchase and with other condition in besillykids.com, including the general terms and conditions as well.
 BE SILLY LDA can not process orders that not have sufficient guarantee of good recovery;
 When orders are incomplete or incorrect, or as well the products ordered are no longer available.
 In all of this cases, we will inform you by email, specifying the reasons . If as been made an order and payment for products that are no longer available, BE SILLY LDA will refund the money paid for the unavailable items.

2.2 Entitled to not accept the order or cancel the purchase

BE SILLY LDA is in entitled to refuse any order for any reason. We can also cancel any purchase (even if it has already been accepted by us) under the following conditions and we are not responsible for any damages or costs:

  • The product is not available anymore/in stock (payments will be returned);
  • The billing information is incorrect or not verifiable;
  • The order is signed by our security systems as an incorrect order or susceptible fraud;
  • The transfer to order the payment was not received for us within 5 working days after acceptance of your order;
  • If we find out you are under 16;
  • There is an error in the price quote;
  • If not possible to deliver on the address provided.

2.3 Details Information

After received the order we can do some checks on it before we prepare. These checks may include address verification, credibility and check fraud. About fraud verification we do an automated checks on all orders to filter unusual transactions, suspicious or identified as susceptible to fraud. Suspected fraud will be investigated and if necessary processed. If you confirm your order means you agree to these conditions.


3.1 Payment methods

You can find the payment methods available on the website of the payment methods section. We do not accept any other payment method than the above. Please do not try pay by any other way not specified. in this we can not be responsible for loss of payment or any other damages that may possibly result.    

3.2 Payment process

You can find the payment methods available on the website of the payment methods section. We do not accept any other payment method than the above. Please do not try pay by any other way not specified. in this we can not be responsible for loss of payment or any other damages that may possibly result.    

If you make a payment using Paypal/credit card/Hipay we will deduct the amount do on your account as soon as your order is processed. In case of payment by credit card, all details (eg card number or expiration date) will be shipped by protocol encrypted to the company that provides the remote electronic payment services, without other persons having access to the all information. This information will not be used by BE SILLY LDA except to carry out the necessary procedures for the purchase or refund and return. BE SILLY LDA can use the information in cases of fraud to contact the police. The purchase price of the product and shipping costs, as indicated on the order form, will be charged to the current account when the purchase products are actually shipped.

In case of bank transfer, your purchase is only processed when you make the payment, should send an email with receipt of the order number.    


All the informations about your  payment are encrypted from the moment you start until your transaction is processed and will not be stored on a public server while we use an encryption software, security of information and payments transmitted by the Internet ou by email can not to be guaranteed. BE SILLY LDA should not be liable for any damage suffered as a result of the use of electronic media including, but not limited to recurring damage from failure or delay in delivery of electronic communications by another persons or computer programs used for communications or virus transmissions.
In case of you choose to pay by bank transfer, we will start the treatment of the order, after the payment been accepted. This may take several days. Once after 10 calendar days after placing the order and if we not approved any payment it will be canceled. Payments can only be processed if the information of the billing be verified.


BE SILLY LDA retains ownership of the company's products until it as received full payment of all these products.


6.1 The prices of products are available on website and they contain the value added TAX(VAT). the shipping rates are per order. The exact price of shipping depends on the country where you order and where the product will be delivered. For more informations about shipping rates see on delivery section and site returns.

6.2 Please note that changing country has influence on prices and also in terms of transportation costs.

6.3 Your final price tax and shipping costs are included on final menu of checkout on final price. Prices are quoted when order confirmation which you can print or download for future utilization. Please only transfer the exact amount specified in the order confirmation and make individual transfers per order.

6.4 The prices of products displayed on website are subject to change. Bennie reserve the permission to change the prices without any notice. The prices of purchase displayed at the moment are the applicable prices to that purchase. Unless any computer error saved. 

6.5  Please note, sometimes the website can have any error prices even if been updated with full atention. BE SILLY LDA does not undertake to supply and reserves the permission to cancel your order in case of error.


BE SILLY LDA does not sell second hand products, with defect or low quality in relation to the existing market standards the products offered for sale in bennie.pt may not exactly match the real image and colours than the real clothing due to the Internet browser or monitor used. In case of you want return of purchased products, BE SILLY LDA can not accept returned products that are returned without the corresponding tag or seal or if have been altered from their original status or damage.